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Context: Friend or Foe. … And an Apology

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I work with Instant Messages ALL DAY.   My entire professional and private life seems to orbit the sending, or the receipt, of those posthaste, ASAPy, no need for impulse control, missives of digital ether.  So you’d think I would not fall prey to the sloppy monster when it comes to explaining myself.

But, alas, I seem to be human.  …And frustratingly so.

Last night I had one of those 2AM eyes fly open, “OH CRAP!” moments about something I’d let fall through the cracks.  Of course, instead of getting up and starting to put it to bed like a sane person; I ruminated on it kicking myself for pooching something so darn simple.  My toughs went something like this:

“Damn… Ok… You’ve blown the opportunity for <Edited for OpSec> and you to attend that class.  Maybe he went ahead and got tired of waiting for you and scheduled the class for himself.  Alright, you need to find out if he’s taking the October class in Houston and if he is, they you can just take one in another city.  YEAH!  Cool.  He may already be taken care of.  If not, well, we’ll cross that bridge.  Maybe car pool to the one in another city.  Good, problem solved.  …Or at least in the process of being solved.  I’ll IM <Edited for OpSec> in the morning… Well, later in the morning, anyway, and find out where he is on this.  NOW GET SOME SLEEP!”

So given that, I sent a complete IM stating my culpability in this and asking about his plans.  Right?

“GRRR. Did you sign up for the class?  Because I think it’s full now.”

Er… Not so much.  EPIC FAIL!  That’s right up there with, “The World Wonders.”

Good lord, after literally YEARS of getting IMs that are so full of nothing but words that mean little without a bit of, “Who, What, When, Where, and Why,” you would kinda figure that I wouldn’t dump a load of poo out there that could be taken as a WTF? or some kind of accusation.

Once again, <Edited for OpSec>, let me say I’m sorry.  I owe you a beer.

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October 12, 2010 at 2:04 pm

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