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Armed and Dangerous.

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As I’ve reached a certain age, I tend to carry a particular weapon more than I did in my yout’. I’ve always been of the persuasion that you carry tools on your person to make your day easier.

You always need a knife, because things and people need cutting from time to time. Much more often the former, but sometimes, however rare, the latter.

A lighter is a must. I mean, you may run across a fair damsel who needs her cigarette lit. Nowadays, it’s more often a candle or contemplatory cigar. But you must still be ready to be a gentleman.

I have carried a gun for a while now. It’s purpose is a bit more unitaskish so I don’t need to go into that. Thankfully, aside from some paper, I’ve never had to put holes in anything. …although the couple of times I’ve tried with feral hogs, I’m sad to say I didn’t do much to ease Texas’ hog problem.

However, of late, I’ve taken to carrying one weapon more than others. It’s been around for a LONG TIME. It’s manual of arms is rather rudimentary, despite modern attempts to reshape it. It doesn’t require a license to own nor any registration. …at least not yet. I foresee that changing some day, but probably not in my lifetime.

I prefer the metal versions as polymer just doesn’t do it for me. It comes in 10, 50, and 150 round variants.

The gun, knife, and lighter tend to stay home more and more as this occupies a slot in my pockets, bags, and cases much more frequently. It wasn’t a conscious decision, really, it just kind of happened. Even before I used it regularly, it, well… it’s always been there and then migrated to my daily needs list.

Ok.. most of you probably guess already, but for those of non-Catholic upbringing, it’s a Rosary.

It’s been in the background of my life for a lifetime. I’ve picked it up from time-to-time only to abandon it for… The world, I suppose. But now… OH, BUT NOW! I’d rather it on my than my Sig, Benchmade, or Zippo.

This old world is about to puke on itself. Our masters have decided to be blatant about how we are nothing but cows to milk. Even our religious leaders are nothing but Judas Goats leading us to Perdition.

Putting my hand in my pocket and feeling raw, cold firepower is comforting. Feeling the beads run across my fingers in prayer is both soothing and disturbing. I can feel the pains of the world and the anger of the enemy.

In the end, I don’t feel peace. I feel a unique discomfort. Not in the prayers, but in the presence of “Our Times.” I see where we are headed. I see where things must go. History and math show us clearly what awaits and somehow we think THIS TIME we can outsmart it.

No one has. Ever. So I pray.

Now, apologies to my Protestant friends. I have a “Sword” as well and I use it, albeit, less than I should. But the gentle contemplation of the Rosary is so beautiful. The Devil can quote scripture, but he will never say a Rosary. He can’t bear what he lost because of The Incarnation. Mary and Jesus will always be the ones that got away. One because He is Incorrupt, and the other because she is incorruptible.

And that is the essence of The Rosary. A prayer in action, like a blade in the hands of a warrior at his last stand. Die with it in your hand, like a man. Be another who got away.  

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November 10, 2020 at 6:00 pm

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Satan, The Happy Camper.

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Paraphrasing someone smarter than me, “Think on the end of your life and you will not sin.”  This is actually a pretty good rule for anything.  Start at the end — what you want to accomplish, your mission statement — and “work backward” to find all the steps you will need to accomplish to reach that goal.

Be cognizant of the end point so you don’t go astray.  And if you need to take a detour, for whatever reason, you always know that you should get back on track ASAP.

What is the end point of Lent?  What are we working toward?  Easter.  The Resurrection.  The Fulfilment of the Mosaic Covenant and the establishment of the New Covenant.  Our jobs are to purge ourselves of ourselves and make room for The Only One who really matters.  We are to become, to fulfil, to live, the New Covenant.   YAY!

But…  That makes Satan happy.  *RecordScreech*  Because once we know the truth of the New Covenant.  Once we’ve been healed, our eyes see, and our ears hear, we are held to a New Standard.  Our hearts are no longer hard.  Our minds are no longer closed.  As our parents would say, “You know better than that!”

So when we slip, as we all do, the sin is so much sweeter (rotten) for Satan.  When the Noble Savage sins, it’s like tepid American Beer to Satan.  But when a Christian sins… Oh, how the halls of Hell echo with drunken glee.

So as most of us start Lent, we think, “I can make it 40(ish) days.  No problem.”  Sure, yeah, no problem.  But, what about next year?  What about the end of your life?  Don’t let the near goal overshadow the long-term goal.  Satan is waiting to make lemonade.  Are you ready for him?  Are you ready to commit?

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February 18, 2015 at 5:58 pm

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Oh No, Joe! The Internet “Kill Switch”

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Here’s my biggest problem with this.  Above and WAY BEYOND the thought that a single person could “turn off” the internet, is the false notion that Government can make it “safer”.  So let me get this straight, .gov, which can’t even get a letter from point A to point B without MASSIVE budget short falls….  .gov which still thinks that spending more money on the NEA will improve schools.  .gov which thinks being a dad is about putting on nail polish… That same .gov thinks that centralizing internet security around some faceless bureaucrats is going to make it safer. 

Once more for the slow kids…  When .gov regulates something that is already working, that industry goes to hell *COUGHNEACOUGH*.  And the whole reason the internet is a tough nut to crack, is that it is a) decentralized, and b) has people who are accountable at the business/local level.  

When some country wants to mess with the DNS servers so it can block sites that it doesn’t want its people to see for fear that the peasants may show up at the palace with pitchforks in their hands and bloodlust in there heart, the internet manages to heal itself just fine.  … And rapidly.  Why?  Because there are a lot of people whose jobs depend on the smooth functioning of the internet.  They work together to fix these issues because time is money. 

Unlike .gov, where time is someone else’s money, so who gives a crap.

If Johnny Jihad decides he’s going to Tunnel his way into “Ye Olde Defense Contractor” and cause some mayhem in Allah’s name, then, by God, the CIO of YODeC better have his shiznitz together or he’s going to end up on the street with half his department.   Being able to eat is a good incentive to keep all the walls defended.

If Billy Bureaucrat messes up and lets Johnny in and something bad happens, he gets moved to a new department with a letter of reprimand that will probably hasten his next promotion to get him out of his new boss’ hair.  Not exactly great incentive to do ones best.

The Market works; Just look at BP.  What’s that you say, BP is a shining example of failure?  Not so fast.  BP’s failure, yes.  The Market, no.  BP played fast and loose with the rules and got burned.  Immediately stocks tanked, people lost jobs, and the CEO got put in the pillory of public opinion.  The rest of the Oil industry is watching their operations like a hawk.  Barring sabotage, this is not going to happen again anytime soon.  Not for the stupid reasons that this one happened.  

Now what happens when Uncle Sam plays fast and loose with the rules and lets something got to hell *COUGHWELFARE/IMIGRATIONPOLICY/GREATSOCIERY/EDUCATIONCOUGH?  Well, they appoint a Blue Ribbon Bipartisan Committee made up of retired insiders, who have no accountability, that takes two years to blame someone else in a 2000 page report that puts even political wonks to sleep.  … Oh, and they give themselves a raise.  …Oh, and you keep voting them back in.

One last thing… If you have read this and think, “Well, that’s simple!  Just make Government more efficient and give them the needed assets to respond faster,” then I suggest you take a look at the ruthlessly efficient regimes that have existed in the not so distant past.  If you are comfortable having a .gov so in control of everything with RDFs that can spring into action at a moments notice, then you’ll be unhappy to realize that the ONLY thing governments can control with ruthless efficiency is their own people.  Everything else is still under the thumb of Murphy and his minions.

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June 29, 2010 at 3:22 pm

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Earth Day, the “Baby on Board” Sign Writ Large.

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Ok all you maggot ridden haters of the Earth.  You know who you are.  All you scummy 99-percenters who are not as highly evolved as the tender Gaia fearing crunchy granola eating hippies.  You will, today, unlike the other 364 days of the year become conscious of Mother Earth. 

So be good little zombies and buy all the Earth Day merchandise from over priced specialty outfitters (all made in China under sweatshop conditions with no environmental controls), flush only on a duce and ONLY when it’s a really bad one (I had General Tso’s last night with extra chilies so I’ll be flushing every time… sorry tender Earth Mother), and revile yourselves for the planet killing parasites you are.

That’s pretty taste Earth Day leaves me with.  Since before the Greens killed all new nuclear power plants, bashed American industrial might back to the stone age, and implanted in every school age child a general hatred for Capitalism and freedom, I’ve picked up my empties, not thrown stuff on the ground, made sure I picked up my mess when at a park or camping, and generally been a pretty good steward of nature.  Why?  Because it was hip?  Because it got me lai… Um… affection?  NO!  Because any animal evolved past the state of guinea pig knows you don’t crap where you eat.

The vile assumption of slaves of Earth Day madness that we who don’t share their affinity for Gaia inspired hemp fests are somehow evil malignancies who only want to kill their spirit mother is offensive.  It is just like the “Baby on Board” stupidity.  “I know you dive like a maniac all the rest of the time and don’t care if you kill people, but I have a baby on board so please, don’t drive like you normally do.  Drive like you care.  Please.  It’s for the children!

Just because you air headed pseudo-science believing wannabes think that “saving the world” is the only reason to get out of bed, don’t make the mistake of thinking that your “Human Plague” attitude is in any way superior to we who plod through life simply doing what we can to make our tiny corner of the planet more clean and livable for Humans.  Conservationists have done more to protect and steward the lands of the this country than any sign carrying patchouli stink ridden Green who thinks shopping at Whole Foods and donating to the WWF absolves them from driving their SUV, heating/cooling a 4000 square foot house, and maintaining their pool. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with SUVs, 4000 square foot houses, and pools.  But if you are going to feel guilty about it, just step down to something that won’t make you feel dirty.  Don’t expect ME to step down to make you feel better.  And just because YOU can’t handle being successful, don’t ride my tail when I make it. 

And that is my main beef with Earth Day and all the other foolishness that is the Green movement.  It really isn’t about saving the Earth.  The Earth was here long before we were and will, if God so wills it, be here long after.  We are puny little figures on its grand surface.  We, in mass, can mess up portions of it.  We can set rivers on fire.  We can muck up forests and cause fish kills.  But ultimately, the Earth adapts and will go on.  And we adapt and clean up our local messes and go on as well. 

No, Earth Day and Greenism, for the rank and file, are simply about feeling like you are doing something.  It’s a scam to make people feel like they are doing something worth while when all they are doing is empowering those who are conning them. “Think Global. Act Local.” Is not a call to go pick up paper or clean up a stream bed.  It’s a call to think of “saving the world” and agitating others in your area to do the same.  Ok, great.  We all think about “saving the world”.  How is my paid Indulgence Carbon Offset going to do that?  How is giving money to Green candidates going to do that? 

You save the world when you think local and act local.  When you stay in the tangible and fix the tangible.  Jesus said it best when he said, “Look you moron, you can not take the splinter out of someone else’s eye until you get the blasted log out of your own.  For My sake, it’s not rocket science!  No Judas, I’m not explaining Rocket science to you again!” 

Ok, so he didn’t say that “exactly”.  But the point is the same.  You make the world a better place by fixing your focus on what is in your sphere of control.  If everyone does that, then world becomes a better place. 

Greenism, for its leaders, is simply a movement where people who hate humans and freedom glom together to repeat a tired old idea.  “Freedom and Capitalism is a bad thing because it lets people do what the want and it gives them the funds to do what they want.  That freedom hurts Gaia, and, more importantly, our power, and therefore MUST be curtailed.” 

If you disagree, please look at all the ever-increasing EPA regulations on companies.  We have cleaner air than just about anyone else in the modern world.  We’ve scrubbed our stacks and renewed our energy until our factories are setting new lows for dangerous (at least those that are deemed dangerous) emissions.  But is that enough?  No.  We need “Cap and Trade”.  As soon as industry (read Capitalist ingenuity) adapts to the new regs and surpasses them, the Greens turn around and raise the bar again. 

Why are there no new nuclear plants?  Perhaps the cleanest most efficient form of energy to date?  For a few cubic feet of waste, you get tons of energy.  Safeguards are so strict that even the 3 mile island incident only released a few curies of contamination that was OVER dealt with.  Simple, they aren’t allowed (regulatory oversight makes them too expensive to maintain or kills them during construction by ever-changing standards) because they work and that much energy delivered to the masses, freeing up fossil fuels for transportation, would kill the Green movement.  Which isn’t about being green, it’s about being in control. 

For some of us who look out on a morning misty lake and can see the fingerprints of a loving God and marvel at the sheer insane love He must have to do all of this for us… no, for ME, we tend to take keeping the place going pretty seriously.  But we never forget that it is here for us.  …For humans.  And it is to be used wisely, conserved.  Not preserved in an unaltered state that benefits no one, no animal, and not even the land itself.  If you deny the Earth its rightful place under our stewardship, you deny the Earth’s potential and do more damage to it than any oil spill.  To deny anyone or anything or any action its rightful place in God’s plan it to deny God as well.

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April 22, 2010 at 12:36 pm

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