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She Fights!

Bear with the brief, head space forming, prologue.  It’s really leading someplace spiritual.  Honest.

The most honest assessment of the Trump victory in November is not about policy or border security or the economy or any wonkish flight of fancy.  Progressives and Statists must lie to get the common folk to vote for them.  They “pretend” to care about all the hot button issues while wearing the Pantomime Eagle and, with slogans, all proclaim they will “Make America _____ Again.”   The missing word might me “Work,” “Just,” “Merciful,” “Hope,” “Change,” et al…   But in the end, it’s all BS.  They want ONE thing.  Power.

Enter The Orange Orangutan.   Unlike other politicians, he just said the first thing on his mind.  A lot of times it sucked.  Sometimes it made no sense.  At times, it hit the mark.  It was rough guttural language that pulled no punches.  But all this, like the lies of the Elites, meant nothing.  People had heard it all before, simply in better tones, with high school vocabulary, and from normal complexions.

What ultimately gave Trump the win was, “He Fights.”  He kept getting back up.  “Quds Force.”  Back up.  “They’re not sending us their best.”  Back up.  “Grabbing Felines.”  Back up.   He counter punched like a thug in a bar brawl.  The knock-out blow, as much as it stinks and as much as the “With Her” crowd will never admit, was, “Nasty Woman.”  She was attacking him, seemingly landing blows, and out of nowhere, “Nasty Woman.”   She never recovered.  He showed with that one terrible statement, that he was going to fight tooth and nail.

For flyover country, it was “Beast Mode” and they loved it.  They found someone who wasn’t going to retreat into nuanced language or $1000/hour lawyer speak.   Debate of him and his policies is another matter (and debate there should be).  The point of all this is to show that people love and respect a fighter even if they don’t love and respect THE fighter.

That said…®  This is all temporal prologue to the Spiritual Mater at hand.  Nope, not a type-o.

Turning to Lent, I’d like to focus on Final Battles and The Final Battle, the one for, literally, All The World.  Like the Political Commoners, we Spiritual Commoners, are looking to follow a fighter.  There are many types to follow.  There is even the Spiritual Brawler, necessary for when the fight turns temporal.   These are the fighters that see the line of battle, pick a spot, and throw themselves into scrum seeking to breach the defenses for others.  The martyrs and temporal warriors, who with one firm purpose, focused all their will to that spot, at that moment, and brought the point of the spear savagely upon the enemy.  Be it roasting alive like St Lawrence or Don John‘s humiliating defeat of the Ottoman Fleet, Catholicism would be dead without their toils and blood.

There are charismatic fighters.  Venerable Futon Sheen, Patton, and McArthur.  The ones who can take a group of people and band them together simply with the force of their own will and words.  They give their St Crispin’s speech — or more importantly, their Admonition of Herald – and people follow them into the fires of Hell if need be.  They are not flashes in the pan.  They have the martial cattle to go with the hat, but they lead first with their larger than life command presence.

Then there are the John Paul IIs and the Washingtons.  The ones who speak quietly so you must lean in and, by that act, form a bond of martial intimacy.  No matter the odds or the current state-of-affairs, they betray no sense of doubt about the eventual outcome.  They are redoubts of Iron Will and Faith.  The quite walls inside which others find warmth and wait for the order to march forward.

Before Washington and JPII, and all of history’s previous Washingtons and JPIIs, there was Mary’s quiet, still, “Let it be.”  Our Spiritual Comfort.  The gentle breast that nourished Our Lord.  The Mother who carried Jesus into and out of Egypt.  The Woman who watched her son go into the world only to be broken and handed to her at the foot of a cross she fought to be near and unite with.  The Immaculate Conception that loved more deeply than any other human could and felt more sorrow that any other human will.

She entreats us to lean in close and hear her words, “Do whatever He tells you.”  This act, alone, is what makes the General of The Angels and The Church Militant.  The General who stood, toe to toe with Our Lord, The King of Kings, and gave him advise that seemingly ran contrary to His wishes.  It was a test, just as any Good King may employ to see if the person he has chosen is, indeed, ready for the job.

Her words are few, simple, well chosen, and do not betray her roles or the tide of battle.  Her “Fiat” was the acceptance of the title, Queen.  Her spurring Jesus to His Temporal Ministry was her acceptance of the role of General.

“Woman, how does your concern affect me? My hour has not yet come.” Imagine the Angels hearing Jesus seemingly rebuke her?  The silence that fell in Heaven.  You could have heard the angels drop off the head of a pin.   In reply, her humble, simple statement.  Her faith that He would hear and answer her prayer.  The firmness, and love, of a mother addressing her Son.  And then, He acts in quite obedience to, and love for, His mother.

Why do the angles willingly follow her?  Because Jesus said to? Sure.   The angels will do ANYTHING Jesus tells them to.  …whether they like it or not.  They will bend their wills to His.  Why do they follow her willingly?  She Fights!  For them.  For us.  But more importantly, for her Son!

She has, throughout all Christian History, fought for her Son.  During his life, at his death, and after her Assumption.  Interceding for the faithful in small, day-to-day, ways and in History Changing Events such as the Final Battle of Lepanto.   She hears us, takes our concerns to Jesus, then tells the Angels and us to, “Do whatever He tells you,” knowing that if it is just and merciful, He will do what she asks.

Once again, she is quietly amassing an army to fight for her Son.  There is turmoil in The Church and this country, which is consecrated to her.  She is asking all the faithful to join her.  This lent, pray and fast and discern if you will join her on her quest to vindicate her Son.  She is a fighter we can follow AND respect.  And she is guaranteed the final victory over The Serpent.  We may not be upon the eve of THE Final Battle, but it sure seems like the end of AN age. …Even if Out Lady shows no worry.

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March 1, 2017 at 4:56 pm

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Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter. The Reason for the Seasons.

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There is a time for everything.  I love the concept of “keeping the reason for the season all year long,” but it’s really impossible.  We can’t stay up or down for too long without burning out.  We all know those who are in a perpetual state of anger or hate.  These are the most tiring people to be around.  Even those who are in an eternal state of happiness without regard to circumstances are beyond the emotional or mental patience of most people.  Both bounds of the pendulum come across as fake or immature.

Without the up time, the down time seems pointless and without the down time, the uptime is unbearable. But that is only half the story.  A few days ago I was almost in a pretty bad accident. A car decided that his nice calm 30 mile an hour lane was just too slow and that my lane cursing along at 60 was much nicer.  The problem was that he executed his lane change only about 30 yards in front of me. Time slowed.  My vision narrowed.  My muscles took over.  I didn’t have to think about looking for more roadway to extend the distance between us.  I never had to tell myself to scan for other cars.  My foot never received an urgent message from my cortex, “HEY!  BREAK!  BUT DON’T LOCK ‘EM!”

The crisis only lasted a split second, but because I’d thought about this and worked on it before, I avoided the pile up with only a post adrenaline dump to deal with.

There’s a saying, “Train like you fight.  Fight like you train.”   Sonny Puzikas, former Spetsnaz, says you will only rise to the level of your training.  Training isn’t reality, it’s realistic.  The brain doesn’t care if the bullets are real or fake, as long as the scenario is realistic your brain will wire itself to respond a certain way to certain stimuli.  I was never in an accident like that before, but I’d thought about it, pretended it would happen, and trained my brain to react a certain way.  And the training didn’t really take all that much time.

So you don’t have to train 24/7?  But you do find time to train and to work on that training.  We know this in other areas of our life and it’s why we take courses relevant to our state in life so we know what to do in our vocation or avocation.  We also take refresher courses or “continuing education” to remind us of the things we should already know.

The religious seasons are our training sessions.  Each time they come around we can focus on various aspects of our spiritual training. Why?  Because you never know when life is going to deploy you into a theater of spiritual warfare.  Just like soldiers never know when they may be called up, we never know when we will be called upon to do spiritual battle.  These times are our continuing education to remind us (when we get hit with a huge amount of ugly) not only what to do and how to do it, but WHO we should be calling on for help.  Those who don’t take advantage of these times find themselves floating on a sea of uncertainty just like a green civilian handed a rifle and thrown on a barricade.

That’s why it’s so important to focus on Advent when it’s Advent and Christmas when it’s Christmas.  Forgetting Advent and taking a month of consumer driven “Christmas” with only one day of actual Christmas, leaves you without this year’s continuing ed.  When January rolls around and the news piles up with evil and work piles up with troubles and family piles up with needs, if you didn’t take the time to reflect and learn, you will be rolled over by life.

So, this Lent, take the time to really reflect.  Give yourself the chance get ready for the Easter Season so that when it’s over you will be ready for the machinations of life come the summer months.  Then when Advent and Christmas comes aging, you can gear up for that year’s training.  Train like you fight…

We are creatures of dynamism.  We grow and change and we can’t evolve in life without taking time out to reflect and train ourselves and meld the old to the new.  Each season can give us, if we chose to learn, new insights to ourselves and our relationship to God.  Don’t be fooled by Madison Ave. into giving up the time appointed by God to continue your education of Him. Without it, you will fight like you train, which means, not well at all.

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January 7, 2013 at 1:08 am

A Christmas Gift: The Sheer Madness of Love.

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The great problem I would have with being an atheist, let alone, an antitheist, is my intense lack of faith in accidents on such an immense scale.  I play poker (poorly) and know the odds of hitting a simple inside straight or making a royal flush on the river.  Of course if you do suck out, the odds on that hand are 1 in 1.  But to believe that your hand’s success invalidates the shear reality of math is a kind of willful hubris that I just don’t have the imagination to trust.

I look out on the night sky and see a vast universe that may be one of many.  I live on a planet that is one of many in a solar system that is one many in a galaxy that is one of many.  I am a man, one of many in a species that trundles along throughout history with other species of flora and fauna.  To the atheist, this is proof that we are nothing special.  They have an abundance of faith in utility, matter, blind luck.

But in my lack of faith I don’t see evidence of the mundane.  I see the efforts of a mad lover trying to express Himself through his art.  Each life a sonnet.  Each star a symphony.  …every opus littering the work shop of an obsessed artist struggling to be understood through, and by, his children.

It’s a condition every small “c” creator understands.  Half-finished poems.  Long ago penned notes strung uneasily on treble and base. Sculpture mocking from beneath the stone.  Great bends of metal that refuse to conform to image of the mind.  All scattered about as his uneasy mind hurriedly tries to capture the latest inspiration, trying to get this one right, only to find, it too, has a mind of its own.

Writer or welder, thespian or terpsichorean… We all search for that elusive place where inspiration intersects with reality.  And even when the work is done as best we can complete it… When we put pen or torch down.  When scene has cut and coda done…  The ache begins.  What is next?

A creator creates because he has no choice.  To stifle that impulse, is to induce despair in a mind diseased by love of creation itself.  That is the universe(s) I see; madness reaching out to its creations, begging to be understood.  For only when the creations understand the creator does the creator find that bliss of perfection.  Which may well be why all artists are just a bit off center.  We will never have a story say, “thank you,” or an expertly performed pirouette look back at its dancer in awe.

I can’t be an atheist for, at my heart’s core, I am an artist and I recognize the sketches and sheet music that a mind, undone by its need to make real its passions, has strewn across math, science, and matter. I see the love notes in the vast cosmos and smile while at the same time cursing my pitiful craft… The ache is always there.

I understand God.   I don’t fathom it.  I will never comprehend it. But I understand.  So this Christmas, I will give you the only gift I can think apropos and the one gift I will almost surely never receive:

Thank you.

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December 25, 2012 at 6:57 pm

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Obamatax: God Allowed Roberts to Switch His Vote

Do I have your attention?  Yes, you read that correctly.  God, I think, is the entity that allowed Roberts to abandon all pretense of constitutionality and give the Federal… actually, after Obamatax fully implements we should simply start calling DC the Central Government.  Anyway, with his ruling, the Central Government is now able to compel anyone, under the guise of a tax, to do ANYTHING IT WANTS.  Not just prevent things it didn’t really want as it has done in the past with taxes, but now it will COMPEL you to do anything it wants.  I’m not actually sure where that is in The Constitution, I’ve been looking over my copy and I really can’t find it.  Maybe it’s a misprint?  Or maybe it’s so alive that this old copy I have from 2000 has morphed into something else.

But let’s put that aside for the moment.  Frankly, if this nation is so stupid to think that Single Payer Health Care can work here when it’s failed everywhere else; it deserves to be crushed under the boot of Central Government that controls all aspects of its citizen’s lives.

I think Robert’s unprecedented flip-flop was due to one person; God.  Why?  Simple.  We, as voters, have never answered the question of abortion in this country.  Sure a few states have, but as a nation, all our laws regarding abortion are due to court rulings or as responses to those rulings.   We have never had an up or down vote on abortion.  God doesn’t like to be kept waiting so now we will have to answer for the abortions that are a major part of this law.

Ok, for you theologians, I know what you are saying, “GOD DOESN’T DO EVIL ACTS!”  You are correct.  But remember The Lord’s Prayer, “…Lead us not into temptation…”  While God won’t do something evil, he will lead us up to the precipitate of it and allow it for a good reason.   And how many people would be snoozing by now or have just stopped reading if I started out by explaining how and why God lets evil operate.  That’s a volume of books unto itself.  So, for the sake of brevity, focus on WHY God would allow this travesty and leave Justice Roberts to do his own Flip Wilson impersonation.

If Roberts had stayed true to The Constitution, he would have struck down the personal mandate, and with it, Obamacare.  Instead, he rewrote the law and turned it into Obamatax.  If Obamacare had been repealed, it would, once again, be a court saying something about abortion.  If you remember, it was Obamacare that transferred millions of dollars to Planed Parenthood.  It’s also that same law that allows Obama’s HHS mandate that tramples all over conscience rights and forces employers with deep religious convictions to pay for abortions.

With this law, we now are FORCED to pay for abortions through our tax dollars.  Our representatives passed this law.  Maybe it was a bastardized process that thwarted the will of the people, but it still was our ELECTED OFFICIALS who passed this law.  Actions have consequences and now we have to face those consequences.   We don’t get to hide behind a court ruling.  We have to, as a nation, give an up or down vote.  This election, whether we wish to admit it or not, is that vote.

If we rise up and vote in Senators, Representatives, and a President that dismantle the egregious Personal Mandate, but allow funding to stand for abortion, then God will have the answer to the question he has asked since Roe v. Wade.  God: “Do you really want abortion?”  Us: “Yes, God, we want to kill our children.”

If we rise up and elect the same bunch of politicians who descend on DC and consume our votes and taxes like a plague of locusts; God will have his answer, “We don’t care if we kill our children.”

If we rise up and elect officials that gut the whole law or at least alter the law to drop abortion funding and do what Obamacare was supposed to do:  insure the uninsured (which Obamatax doesn’t currently do nor will it no matter what you think); then we may just have a chance to tell God, “We would really like a few more years to deal with this abortion debate.  Please?”

Either way, when this election is over, if our officials in DC vote to uphold public moneys for abortion, God have mercy on us.

The complete irony is that this is happening in the context of our simple God-given right to be left alone by a central government.  A right that was, at one time, guaranteed in The Constitution but has long been ignored by Progressives who, since Teddy Roosevelt (apocryphally) threw his sausage, have decided that they know how to keep us all protected and safe.   In effect, we are saying to God with Obamatax, “We surrender our most basic freedom… That which makes us a nation.  We gladly give away our birthright for the illusion of protection and compassion.  And to consummate and consecrate the trade, we offer the oblation of our children.”  What do you think God’s reply will be?

Sadly, we won’t only be answering for ourselves, but the entire Western World.  Most of the West has already succumbed to this question.  They have gladly offered their children for convenience and protection.  We have held out; refusing to answer like a coward hiding in the corner.  What sadness will move God if we do this?  What horror will be in his heart when we fully abandon him?  How lonely will he be on the cross when the most powerful nation in the West says, “the innocent must die.”  I don’t think judgment will be far behind.

Those of us who oppose this monstrosity of a Tax do so for many reasons.  It is a boondoggle.  It doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.  It will bankrupt the middle class (75% of all the new taxes will be paid by people making LESS THAN $125K).  It’s an affront to the very context of The Founding Documents.  Insurance premiums will skyrocket (as the already have).  But the real truth is that we should all find solidarity in the sickness that the future of our country, our children, will be be murdered by taxpayer funded abortions all so that we can “feel” good that the uninsured, who won’t be insured after all, will be someone else’s problem because we gave at the office.

One last sobering note to those who oppose this law… tax… whatever you wish to call it now.  Remember, nations will be judged.  If we lose, and I deeply fear we will, it may not be enough to say, “Lord, I tried.  Sorry.”  When we die and are judged, we will be held accountable for our nation’s evils as well.  There are surely enough of those to go around already.  But one thing God will not abide is a child murderer.  I don’t look forward to, at my meeting with The Boss, hearing, “It would have been better for you that a milestone had been tied around your neck.”

So we will have some decisions to make once (yes, I meant to type “once” not “if”) this fully implements and there is no way to stop it.  What will you do to keep your soul from eternal damnation?  Will you leave?  Will you go to jail?  Will you pray that your desire that it “wasn’t so” is enough to keep God from seeing the blood on your hands via your tax dollars?  I don’t have any answers.  But it’s time to start asking those questions because come 2014, when this fully implements and is enshrined as an entitlement, there is NO going back.

God help us all for I fear the hollow phrase, “God Bless America,” will be a cold curse from November 2012 forward.  I really hope and pray that I am wrong.  I pray for my country.  But mostly, I pray that my family will be spared the madness that is surely to come on the heels of telling God, He’s no longer welcome here.

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July 3, 2012 at 8:21 am

9/11 + 10

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May God grant pardon and peace to all who died 10 years ago today.

May He comfort those left behind.

May He give us wisdom to stop all future threats.

May He guide our strength in dealing with evil.

May He temper our actions, lest we give evil what it wants.

Peace be will all of us today and always.

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September 11, 2011 at 12:04 am

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Grand Theft Heaven.

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Please see the Copyright! and Excuses pages first.

He could vaguely remember the stones and dull grey of a few moments ago. Everything turned grey then black. Then the pain that had become like an obnoxious accepted travel companion was joined by the shattering howl of his legs being broken. Some part of his brain could hear the shrieks of surprise, jeers of laughter, and sobs of desperation, but all he could recognize was the stabbing cry of his legs as he tried to right himself and the searing pain of his lungs when he couldn’t.

He tried to look to his left, but the pain and sweat only clouded his eyes. As he painfully lifted his head, his tunnel vision only saw a spear, then blood, then the unmoving face of his new Rabbi. Dismas tried to weep bitterly, but couldn’t. All that came was a week gasp and a single tear.

Past the Rabbi he could see Gestas wince in agony and slide out of his vision. The pain in his own chest sucked him back into his private torment. Each breath was harder and harder to manage. His shoulders felt like they could give way at any moment. A sick part of him laughed as he wondered what it would feel like to fall over his own broken legs and smash face first into the post.

He glanced back to see his Rabbi. At least he didn’t have to suffer through this. Some how Gestas had managed to force himself back upright and was spitting curses at everyone. Dismas hurt himself trying to laugh. The odd humor was cut short by another pain in his side and voice yelling from underneath him

“Maybe you’ll find a little more pain just as funny!” A centurion with a whip crowed up at him and began to lash him across the stomach and chest. Gouts of flesh and blood spilled from Dismas onto the face of the Centurion. The Centurion spat and cursed then took out his remain anger on the crowd that laughed at him.

For the scantest of moments, Dismas’ eyes cleared of their fog and he saw the city and the temple. It was bright and beautiful. Beams of light shown from the Holy of Holies radiated like the call of hope in a terrible storm. Jerusalem was on fire. He smiled.


Then he bowed his head.

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April 4, 2010 at 6:32 pm