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Armed and Dangerous.

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As I’ve reached a certain age, I tend to carry a particular weapon more than I did in my yout’. I’ve always been of the persuasion that you carry tools on your person to make your day easier.

You always need a knife, because things and people need cutting from time to time. Much more often the former, but sometimes, however rare, the latter.

A lighter is a must. I mean, you may run across a fair damsel who needs her cigarette lit. Nowadays, it’s more often a candle or contemplatory cigar. But you must still be ready to be a gentleman.

I have carried a gun for a while now. It’s purpose is a bit more unitaskish so I don’t need to go into that. Thankfully, aside from some paper, I’ve never had to put holes in anything. …although the couple of times I’ve tried with feral hogs, I’m sad to say I didn’t do much to ease Texas’ hog problem.

However, of late, I’ve taken to carrying one weapon more than others. It’s been around for a LONG TIME. It’s manual of arms is rather rudimentary, despite modern attempts to reshape it. It doesn’t require a license to own nor any registration. …at least not yet. I foresee that changing some day, but probably not in my lifetime.

I prefer the metal versions as polymer just doesn’t do it for me. It comes in 10, 50, and 150 round variants.

The gun, knife, and lighter tend to stay home more and more as this occupies a slot in my pockets, bags, and cases much more frequently. It wasn’t a conscious decision, really, it just kind of happened. Even before I used it regularly, it, well… it’s always been there and then migrated to my daily needs list.

Ok.. most of you probably guess already, but for those of non-Catholic upbringing, it’s a Rosary.

It’s been in the background of my life for a lifetime. I’ve picked it up from time-to-time only to abandon it for… The world, I suppose. But now… OH, BUT NOW! I’d rather it on my than my Sig, Benchmade, or Zippo.

This old world is about to puke on itself. Our masters have decided to be blatant about how we are nothing but cows to milk. Even our religious leaders are nothing but Judas Goats leading us to Perdition.

Putting my hand in my pocket and feeling raw, cold firepower is comforting. Feeling the beads run across my fingers in prayer is both soothing and disturbing. I can feel the pains of the world and the anger of the enemy.

In the end, I don’t feel peace. I feel a unique discomfort. Not in the prayers, but in the presence of “Our Times.” I see where we are headed. I see where things must go. History and math show us clearly what awaits and somehow we think THIS TIME we can outsmart it.

No one has. Ever. So I pray.

Now, apologies to my Protestant friends. I have a “Sword” as well and I use it, albeit, less than I should. But the gentle contemplation of the Rosary is so beautiful. The Devil can quote scripture, but he will never say a Rosary. He can’t bear what he lost because of The Incarnation. Mary and Jesus will always be the ones that got away. One because He is Incorrupt, and the other because she is incorruptible.

And that is the essence of The Rosary. A prayer in action, like a blade in the hands of a warrior at his last stand. Die with it in your hand, like a man. Be another who got away.  

Written by lablount

November 10, 2020 at 6:00 pm

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