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She Fights!

Bear with the brief, head space forming, prologue.  It’s really leading someplace spiritual.  Honest.

The most honest assessment of the Trump victory in November is not about policy or border security or the economy or any wonkish flight of fancy.  Progressives and Statists must lie to get the common folk to vote for them.  They “pretend” to care about all the hot button issues while wearing the Pantomime Eagle and, with slogans, all proclaim they will “Make America _____ Again.”   The missing word might me “Work,” “Just,” “Merciful,” “Hope,” “Change,” et al…   But in the end, it’s all BS.  They want ONE thing.  Power.

Enter The Orange Orangutan.   Unlike other politicians, he just said the first thing on his mind.  A lot of times it sucked.  Sometimes it made no sense.  At times, it hit the mark.  It was rough guttural language that pulled no punches.  But all this, like the lies of the Elites, meant nothing.  People had heard it all before, simply in better tones, with high school vocabulary, and from normal complexions.

What ultimately gave Trump the win was, “He Fights.”  He kept getting back up.  “Quds Force.”  Back up.  “They’re not sending us their best.”  Back up.  “Grabbing Felines.”  Back up.   He counter punched like a thug in a bar brawl.  The knock-out blow, as much as it stinks and as much as the “With Her” crowd will never admit, was, “Nasty Woman.”  She was attacking him, seemingly landing blows, and out of nowhere, “Nasty Woman.”   She never recovered.  He showed with that one terrible statement, that he was going to fight tooth and nail.

For flyover country, it was “Beast Mode” and they loved it.  They found someone who wasn’t going to retreat into nuanced language or $1000/hour lawyer speak.   Debate of him and his policies is another matter (and debate there should be).  The point of all this is to show that people love and respect a fighter even if they don’t love and respect THE fighter.

That said…®  This is all temporal prologue to the Spiritual Mater at hand.  Nope, not a type-o.

Turning to Lent, I’d like to focus on Final Battles and The Final Battle, the one for, literally, All The World.  Like the Political Commoners, we Spiritual Commoners, are looking to follow a fighter.  There are many types to follow.  There is even the Spiritual Brawler, necessary for when the fight turns temporal.   These are the fighters that see the line of battle, pick a spot, and throw themselves into scrum seeking to breach the defenses for others.  The martyrs and temporal warriors, who with one firm purpose, focused all their will to that spot, at that moment, and brought the point of the spear savagely upon the enemy.  Be it roasting alive like St Lawrence or Don John‘s humiliating defeat of the Ottoman Fleet, Catholicism would be dead without their toils and blood.

There are charismatic fighters.  Venerable Futon Sheen, Patton, and McArthur.  The ones who can take a group of people and band them together simply with the force of their own will and words.  They give their St Crispin’s speech — or more importantly, their Admonition of Herald – and people follow them into the fires of Hell if need be.  They are not flashes in the pan.  They have the martial cattle to go with the hat, but they lead first with their larger than life command presence.

Then there are the John Paul IIs and the Washingtons.  The ones who speak quietly so you must lean in and, by that act, form a bond of martial intimacy.  No matter the odds or the current state-of-affairs, they betray no sense of doubt about the eventual outcome.  They are redoubts of Iron Will and Faith.  The quite walls inside which others find warmth and wait for the order to march forward.

Before Washington and JPII, and all of history’s previous Washingtons and JPIIs, there was Mary’s quiet, still, “Let it be.”  Our Spiritual Comfort.  The gentle breast that nourished Our Lord.  The Mother who carried Jesus into and out of Egypt.  The Woman who watched her son go into the world only to be broken and handed to her at the foot of a cross she fought to be near and unite with.  The Immaculate Conception that loved more deeply than any other human could and felt more sorrow that any other human will.

She entreats us to lean in close and hear her words, “Do whatever He tells you.”  This act, alone, is what makes the General of The Angels and The Church Militant.  The General who stood, toe to toe with Our Lord, The King of Kings, and gave him advise that seemingly ran contrary to His wishes.  It was a test, just as any Good King may employ to see if the person he has chosen is, indeed, ready for the job.

Her words are few, simple, well chosen, and do not betray her roles or the tide of battle.  Her “Fiat” was the acceptance of the title, Queen.  Her spurring Jesus to His Temporal Ministry was her acceptance of the role of General.

“Woman, how does your concern affect me? My hour has not yet come.” Imagine the Angels hearing Jesus seemingly rebuke her?  The silence that fell in Heaven.  You could have heard the angels drop off the head of a pin.   In reply, her humble, simple statement.  Her faith that He would hear and answer her prayer.  The firmness, and love, of a mother addressing her Son.  And then, He acts in quite obedience to, and love for, His mother.

Why do the angles willingly follow her?  Because Jesus said to? Sure.   The angels will do ANYTHING Jesus tells them to.  …whether they like it or not.  They will bend their wills to His.  Why do they follow her willingly?  She Fights!  For them.  For us.  But more importantly, for her Son!

She has, throughout all Christian History, fought for her Son.  During his life, at his death, and after her Assumption.  Interceding for the faithful in small, day-to-day, ways and in History Changing Events such as the Final Battle of Lepanto.   She hears us, takes our concerns to Jesus, then tells the Angels and us to, “Do whatever He tells you,” knowing that if it is just and merciful, He will do what she asks.

Once again, she is quietly amassing an army to fight for her Son.  There is turmoil in The Church and this country, which is consecrated to her.  She is asking all the faithful to join her.  This lent, pray and fast and discern if you will join her on her quest to vindicate her Son.  She is a fighter we can follow AND respect.  And she is guaranteed the final victory over The Serpent.  We may not be upon the eve of THE Final Battle, but it sure seems like the end of AN age. …Even if Out Lady shows no worry.

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March 1, 2017 at 4:56 pm

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