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Satan, The Happy Camper.

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Paraphrasing someone smarter than me, “Think on the end of your life and you will not sin.”  This is actually a pretty good rule for anything.  Start at the end — what you want to accomplish, your mission statement — and “work backward” to find all the steps you will need to accomplish to reach that goal.

Be cognizant of the end point so you don’t go astray.  And if you need to take a detour, for whatever reason, you always know that you should get back on track ASAP.

What is the end point of Lent?  What are we working toward?  Easter.  The Resurrection.  The Fulfilment of the Mosaic Covenant and the establishment of the New Covenant.  Our jobs are to purge ourselves of ourselves and make room for The Only One who really matters.  We are to become, to fulfil, to live, the New Covenant.   YAY!

But…  That makes Satan happy.  *RecordScreech*  Because once we know the truth of the New Covenant.  Once we’ve been healed, our eyes see, and our ears hear, we are held to a New Standard.  Our hearts are no longer hard.  Our minds are no longer closed.  As our parents would say, “You know better than that!”

So when we slip, as we all do, the sin is so much sweeter (rotten) for Satan.  When the Noble Savage sins, it’s like tepid American Beer to Satan.  But when a Christian sins… Oh, how the halls of Hell echo with drunken glee.

So as most of us start Lent, we think, “I can make it 40(ish) days.  No problem.”  Sure, yeah, no problem.  But, what about next year?  What about the end of your life?  Don’t let the near goal overshadow the long-term goal.  Satan is waiting to make lemonade.  Are you ready for him?  Are you ready to commit?

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February 18, 2015 at 5:58 pm

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