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Going to File this Under: Believing Your Own Bulls**t

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Dear David,

Anthropomorphic Global Warming has been shown to be a sham.  …So much so the true believers have switched to “Climate Change”.  But guess what, the climate does change due to sun spots, precipitation patterns, and other natural phenomena.  So running scared because of climate change is kind of like fearing the dawn.  It’s going to happen.  It’s happened in the past.  And guess what, we made it out okay when we were running around in animal skins, we’ll be just fine now.

Remember, Global Warming alarmists said that we’d all be dead in 20 years if we didn’t stop everything and shiver cold in the dark.  I believe that was 30 some odd years ago.  Then Al Gore said it again 10+ years ago.  OH! But remember in 1975 when it was GLOBAL COOLING!   Climates change, David. Expecting the Earth to humor this generation of humans with constancy is as foolish as acting as if killing people will do anything about it.

Your “not enough room” argument has been disproven time and again.*  There’s PLENTY of room for people in the world.  The Population Bomb predicted that by the 80’s we’d have hundreds of millions of people dying of starvation.  And while starvation is still an issue in some places, I think you’ll find that the Governments, and by governments I mean dictators, war lords, and their accomplices in the UN, in those regions use starvation as a means to an end.  David, we can grow SCADS of food.  If we stop letting petty tyrants affect the flow of food and stop burring corn in our cars, we can feed everyone.

David, I know in your dotage you strive to be relevant.  I know it’s not popular to tell the truth that life has risks and there isn’t a magic policy or pill we can do to fix it all.  But to go so far out of your own humanity to suggest other humans should die or not be allowed to exist so that your cushy Western Hemisphere life should go unchanged is the height of hubris.

I really don’t see how someone who can see so much beauty in the world can look back on his own kind and not see the same beauty, but a bug that should be culled like any other pest.  As always, David, I invite you and your followers to lead by example.  I mean, eight decades and counting is an awful long time to be kicking about on this rock.  Take the hemlock and allow someone else to occupy your carbon foot print if you are so committed to population control.

Or do you, just like the eugenicists, mean only those brown people should be curbed?  Maybe not.  Perhaps your brand of death worship is more nuanced and the “human weeds” aren’t just those from funny sounding ferrin’ lands, but those on the wrong side of the tracks.  I mean if they can’t fund impressive international death cult NGO wannabes, be a TV celebrity, or be part of the politically connected class, why expose them to a meaningless life in the first place?

David, you’re an impressive person.  Don’t flush all that down the drain by becoming a caricature of an late 1800’s British Philanthropist who thinks his money and lineage gives him the right to tell the rest of the world how and when to die.  Humanity doesn’t need to, “sort itself out,” nor does it need a, “coordinated view about the planet,” (presumably under your ilk’s vast omniscience).  What is needed is to let humans be humans and nature be nature.   When there is a famine, people will share.  When there’s not, people will grow.  It’s simply the way our world has worked since the dawn of Man.  We messily work it out without some hero stepping in and telling us who needs to die and who needs to live.  The White Man’s Burden ended long ago, David.  We can sort it all out for ourselves, but thanks ever so.


A friend.

*Okay, so that article was written when we hit 6 billion and now we have over 7.  We can put some of the more annoying people in Oklahoma and the example still works.

Written by lablount

January 22, 2013 at 4:44 pm

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