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Grand Theft Heaven.

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He could vaguely remember the stones and dull grey of a few moments ago. Everything turned grey then black. Then the pain that had become like an obnoxious accepted travel companion was joined by the shattering howl of his legs being broken. Some part of his brain could hear the shrieks of surprise, jeers of laughter, and sobs of desperation, but all he could recognize was the stabbing cry of his legs as he tried to right himself and the searing pain of his lungs when he couldn’t.

He tried to look to his left, but the pain and sweat only clouded his eyes. As he painfully lifted his head, his tunnel vision only saw a spear, then blood, then the unmoving face of his new Rabbi. Dismas tried to weep bitterly, but couldn’t. All that came was a week gasp and a single tear.

Past the Rabbi he could see Gestas wince in agony and slide out of his vision. The pain in his own chest sucked him back into his private torment. Each breath was harder and harder to manage. His shoulders felt like they could give way at any moment. A sick part of him laughed as he wondered what it would feel like to fall over his own broken legs and smash face first into the post.

He glanced back to see his Rabbi. At least he didn’t have to suffer through this. Some how Gestas had managed to force himself back upright and was spitting curses at everyone. Dismas hurt himself trying to laugh. The odd humor was cut short by another pain in his side and voice yelling from underneath him

“Maybe you’ll find a little more pain just as funny!” A centurion with a whip crowed up at him and began to lash him across the stomach and chest. Gouts of flesh and blood spilled from Dismas onto the face of the Centurion. The Centurion spat and cursed then took out his remain anger on the crowd that laughed at him.

For the scantest of moments, Dismas’ eyes cleared of their fog and he saw the city and the temple. It was bright and beautiful. Beams of light shown from the Holy of Holies radiated like the call of hope in a terrible storm. Jerusalem was on fire. He smiled.


Then he bowed his head.


Dismas opened his eyes and saw his Rabbi, but that was it. Nothing else, just blackness.

“Is this Paradise?” He asked.

“Some would say yes,” answered Jesus.

“I think I liked the Jerusalem better.”

Jesus smiled and embraced Dismas. “We have much work to do. Shall we be about it?”

Dismas looked into the pitch black. “Um… If you would lead?”

Without a word, Jesus strode off. The darkness didn’t envelop him, it didn’t part either. It ran. A bubble of… something, surrounded him and Dismas found if he was too slow or wove outside of the bubble he would lose his Rabbi.

“RABBI!!!” Dismas called out.

“Yes?” Jesus emerged from the gloom in an unexpected direction.

“Sorry, I lost you.”

“Nonsense. I was right here.” Jesus’ warm smile invited him, “Come. We only have a short time.”

Dismas could hear a noise from in the distance. No. It was every noise ever since Adam’s first tears. A din so uncomfortable and frightening that he froze and closed his eye. THE DARKNESS! His mind went numb. He’d lose his Master. OPEN YOUR EYES! OPEN THEM NOW YOU DOLT!

His eyes shot open and he saw Jesus standing in front of him.

“Unnerving?” Jesus asked.

“I’ve never been so scared in my life.”

“Good. But remember. Just stay close and don’t listen to anyone else.” Jesus turned and walked on.

Dismas followed. He wasn’t sure why or how, but he did.

There was a light at the end of this darkness. But it wasn’t a light at all. It was more like a less undefined area of black. Someplace where color was no longer alien. It was ugly and bleak, but it existed unlike the nothing that he was walking in.

They both came up to the opening. It was pure horror. An enormous cavern that had no privacy with black wraiths that swooped around tormenting deformed people. Some people ate breathlessly on filth and sewage. Others tried to make love to stones. Many defended tiny mounds of dung with crude weapons forged out of their own bones.

A man was trying to polish a tarnished silver spoon. Spitting on it. Rubbing it in the dirt. Then holding it up to his face then screaming. Repeatedly. Then someone guarding a dung heap tried to take the spoon from him. It was madness.

“Come. Follow me. We have little business here right now. Stay close to me.”

Dismas answered, “Don’t stop to fast, I’m going to be right on your heels.”

Jesus let out a belly laugh that caused the walls to shake. The wraiths were repelled by the noise and scattered like roaches in a beam of hot searing light. Some people screamed, others threw things at the pair. A man in a tattered royal gown stormed up to Jesus.

“Don’t you see what I am working on is important! Be Gone you loathsome trouble maker!”

“I will never stay where I’m not wanted my friend. Come Dismas.”

Dismas realized he’s never told the Rabbi about him. He also realized his name never sounded so proud and clear as when Rabbi said it. As they walked away from the ingrate, the words stung Dismas and he became angry.

“Rabbi, should I have done something to correct him?”

“What? Lash out? Slap him? Cutting off ears seems to be a popularity around me these days. Would that have made it better?”

“No. I supposed not, Rabbi.”

“There is a time to speak and a time to keep your own counsel. And when you are confronted by a fool, don’t waste your breath. You will be happier and everyone will be able to identify who is in need of pity.”

“Yes Rabbi.”

“And please my name is Jesus. Today we are friends. There is no need for formality at this moment. There will be time enough for that later.”

The two moved silently though the gloom and the dross of mankind. It seemed to take forever to get to the other side of the wasteland. There was sniping and epithets and objects thrown and feces flung. Humanity turned into beasts of the wild. Every man, his own island of despair. Every woman a mockery of femininity.

Jesus finally pointed to an opening in the wall that at once seemed an unattainable distance away and an impossible clime to navigate. “Not far now. That is where we are headed.”


“What? You don’t like climbing?” Jesus raised an eyebrow.

All the walls he’d climbed to avoid capture came flooding back. All the homes entered through the roof. …All the lax security of the high class buildings whose second story had given him easy access. It all was laid bare before him.

“Forgive me, Rab.. Forgive me, Jesus. I am a fool like these people.”

“You have been forgiven. That life is done. Leave it here with them. We have but a little farther and you are the wiser for your missteps. We will yet need that.”

The rest of the day was spent getting to the wall. When they made it Jesus asked, “What do you think?” as he looked up to the only opening.

“Well, it doesn’t seem too bad to me. We can catch our breath at the one ledge about half way up. Then the rest will be… interesting, but do able.”

“Lead the way, if you would,” Jesus motioned.

Dismas started to climb. About a quarter of the way up he froze with a gasp.

“What is the matter?” Asked Jesus.

“I… I should be on fire. My arms… MY LEGS! They were broken!”

“A different time and a different life. It’s all very complex. I don’t have time to explain it now but I’ll have an eternity to devote to it if you so choose. Only, could we start moving again. I’m getting tired.”

”SORRY! Yes.” With that Dismas climbed like a monkey to clear the way for Jesus.

Dismas reached the ledge and immediately positioned himself to pull Jesus up. After a moment, Jesus was safely on the ledge.

“Jesus, let me climb up there and see if there is anything I can lower down for you.”

“No… You will need me near you soon. But I thank you for the offer.”

Dismas looked out over the vast plain of terror. “Can we help them?”

“Perhaps. Nothing has been yet written that can not be undone. But the chances are very small. They like it there.”

“That’s absurd.”

“Really? How comfortable were you when you were hiding in a dingy hovel avoiding the light of day trying not to be apprehended?”

“Yes, but this is…”

”… All they know. No. It’s is all the WANT to know.” Jesus finished the sentence.

“We have to try.”

“We will. Just because something is hopeless, doesn’t me you shouldn’t put your back into it.” Jesus smiled. “Rested? I’d like to make it up by the end of the day. I have a schedule to keep.”

Dismas took the lead again. He was a short ways from the top when he heard… children playing?

When his face crested the bottom of the opening, he could, indeed, see untold children laughing and playing. People of every age were further down the tunnel talking and laughing. He was about to throw his weight over the ledge when scores of modeled black wraiths tore at him from behind. He lost his grip and began to fall.


A firm hand forced Dismas back against the rock wall and pinned him there.

Dismas cried out. “OH GOD I’M BEING CRUSHED!”

“Shall I let go?”

The pain was as intense as anything Dismas felt on the cross, “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NO!”

The great force held Dismas there until he found he was able to find purchase. A flurry of stones flew from the opening pelting the dark creatures driving them away in shrieks of anger. Dozens of tiny little hands grabbed him and tugged him towards the opening. He could feel Jesus’ force lessen enough to let him move up with the pulling hands.

Dismas rose over the edge of the opening and landed in the midst of an ocean of smiling children. Other people were rushing to greet him. They righted him and dusted him off and began to usher him inside.

“WAIT!” he tried to push them aside. “Jesus is there! The Rabbi needs help too!” He freed himself from their grips and turned back toward his companion. But there was already another man lifting him up. They embraced.

“Took you long enough!” Said the new man in a laugher as contagious as any disease.

“I did have some work to do, you know, cousin.”

“Is it time?” The new man asked.

“Soon. Are they ready?”

“Yes. They await your words.”

“Good.” Jesus turned to Dismas, “This is our new friend, Dismas. Dismas, This,” he shook the new man playfully, “is my cousin John.”

John walked up and appraised Dismas from head to toe. “Hmmm… Are you sure? He seems a bit… rowdy. Are you rowdy Dismas.”

Centuries of male posturing kicked into Dismas’ mind and said, “I’ve been know to throw my weight around on occasion.”

John clapped his hands together and laughed. “THEN YOU WILL FIT RIGHT IN!”

The whole confusion of people made their way down the long tunnel to a chamber just as large as the one below. But where the former one was a mass of pain and despair, this one was full of laughter and good cheer. Yet there were just as many wraiths whiling about. But no one faced them alone. And when someone was about to cry, they were swarmed by children.

“Is this Paradise?” Dismas turned to Jesus.

“No. But it is good. Now go with John, you have no need of my words right now. Rest for I will have one more job for you before this past is written.”

John came up and put his arm around Dismas. “Come with me and the children. We have some games to play to pass the time.”


The children were tireless and limitless.

“Why aren’t they with the Master?” Dismas pondered.

“What need of his absolution do they have. They haven’t wronged him. They will simply need his blessing when we leave.”

“But I need…” Dismas trailed off thinking back to the first cavern and laughed. Smiling he asked John, “Then you have been forgiven as well?”

“No. Not yet. I want to be the last.”


“Because I want to look out before me and see the chosen on their way and then look behind me and bid farewell to this place. It is my reward. To see the new age dawn as the old one fades.” John passed into a moment of hopeful bliss that was interrupted by a little girl leaping in his lap. “Oh I’m gonna get you.” He shook his fist in mock rage and took off after the delighted child.

Dismas found his face actually hurt from the smile he had.


Dismas sat in silence for an uncertain length of time. He hadn’t realized the sounds of children had faded. He was scared for a moment, but somehow he was unable to harbor that feeling, he just started looking around. He found Jesus sitting by a fire.

Jesus looked up and smiled a sad smile and motioned Dismas down next to him.

“Jesus, why do you look so sad?”

“Because it is about to be written in stone that some of my sheep are lost forever. I will never see them again. I hurts me so much to know I will never hear their names from my lips again.” Jesus was sobbing by the final words.

Dismas moved in to comfort Jesus and noticed the wounds for the first time. “Is there anything I can do?”

“You are doing it. And I thank you.”

“Jesus, it’s not fair that you bear wounds and I don’t. If it would please you, I may have then. I died the same way so it would be better if I bore them for you.”

Jesus laughed. “Yes, you were crucified like me, but you did not die the say way. Besides, I chose this,” he looked at his hands, “it is fitting that I bear them so no one else has to. And sadly, you don’t know what you are asking. I would not have you spend one day more in sadness when it would do you no good. For me, the pain is all I have left of my brothers and sisters. I would not give that up.”

They sat for a time, Dismas’ arm around Jesus, until Dismas said. “This IS paradise.”

Jesus sat up straight. “You know the funny thing about paradise?”


Jesus developed an impish grin. “It keeps getting better and better. Come on. The day’s half over and we have a long journey back over the other cavern.”

“Oh no. Why?”

“Because some may wish to see their error and join us.”

“REALLY!” Dismas became excited.

“It is possible. But they don’t see things as we do. There may be no one who joins us. And they will try and take some of our number, so be vigilant.”

“Yes, sir.” Dismas wasn’t sure why he saluted. It seemed like the right thing to do. It must have been fine because Jesus returned the salute.


When Jesus said, “I would like you up front with me,” Dismas hadn’t comprehended the full impact of what that meant. He was in the van of a column that snaked back for ages. To make matters more absurd, he was standing next to David. THE DAVID who was passing orders to subordinates making sure that the column had teachers and elders at regular intervals to repel the words of the fallen. And then David turned to him.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes, sir!” Dismas snapped off, what he hoped was, a crisp salute.

David nodded with approval and took the pose of ever soldier waiting for it all to start.

Jesus gave no warning, he just starred to walk through the tunnel and back to the opening.

“LET’S GO!” David yelled. And prophets and judges and common folk moved in silent purpose toward the tunnel.

Dismas looked to his left and saw John standing at the mouth of the tunnel with two other people, a man and a woman, and nodded at him. John winked back. What would this place look like or feel like when everyone was gone. He wondered.


Dismas began to scan the crowd and there were no little children anywhere. He broke ranks and ran out to over take Jesus. When he caught up, he started jogging backwards to face the Rabbi. “Je..sus. The… We… have… to go… back… for them.”

“Dismas. I’ve already taken them across. They are waiting in the outer tunnel for us.”

“IN THE DARKNESS! They…. will be… frightened.”

“You have not been around large groups of children in a while, have you?”


”Go back to the others. You will see.”

Dismas stopped and let the mass of the column catch up to him. OK… I’ll trust you. I’ve come this far. Where the hell would I go now?

At some point, Dismas realized he was walking downhill. When he reached the opening where the wraiths had almost pulled him to his (Could you call it death?)… Where they almost made him fall, he realized the mouth was much wider and opened up right on to the floor of the giant hole in the Earth.

The column followed Jesus and that’s when all hell broke loose.

Wraiths pulled at people in the column. Humans covered in much and grime rushed the column trying to knock followers from formation.

Dismas started to shove a filthy man aside but grabbed him instead and yelled, “We are leaving! You can come with us.”

“NO! I won’t go back to the darkness!”

“We’re going somewhere else. Not into the darkness.”


David grabbed Dismas, “Don’t waste you time. If they won’t listen to him,” He motioned to Jesus who was talking and entreating any to join him, “they aren’t going to listen to you. Just hold ranks and keep anyone in the column from being pulled out. If you are needed for anything else, we’ll let you know.”

“YES, SIR!” Dismas was still unsure where that reflex was coming from as his hand shot up and back down in a military fashion. He kind of liked it.

He did as he was told. Although he wondered why he needed to be here in the front. Surely none of these people would falter. Then his mind was dumbstruck. No. They are here for me. I might get pulled in and they are protecting me. He suddenly felt very important and very small.

Then everything fell silent.

In the path was an impossibly large wraith and standing in front of it was Gestas.

“He’s a liar and I have proof!” Gestas’s voice was low whisper but it seemed to echo off every surface. “That one!” Gestas was pointing at Dismas, “was supposed to be in paradise. Yet here he is, with us. Tell us, Dismas, is this paradise?”

“Careful,” David whispered.

It was a trap and Dismas knew it. Why leave paradise? You sneaky malevolent son of a pig! He took a deep breath and looked at Jesus. Jesus just flashed a look of wide eyed expectancy. “I have been in paradise with every step behind my master. And it keeps getting better. He has protected me and forgiven me. I will never know grief again. I suggest you follow him and find out for yourselves.”

“LIES AND SOPHISTRY! WORD GAMES AND SNAKE TONGUED FOOLERY! Is this paradise or is it not?” demanded Gestas.

“As long as The Rabbi is here, then it is, once he leaves it will be nothing but sad echo of false dead hope. Follow him now and the second you say you are sorry, you will know paradise.”

“What do I have to be sorry for? Not being a toady? Not living by their rules? I called no one master! I will never call anyone master. I will not follow him. I WILL NOT FOLLOW HIM!” Gestas started the chant that grew and echoed through hell.


“You have already been forgiven.” Jesus whispered.

“But they need to see it.”

“Very well, I ABSOLVE YOU OF ALL YOUR SINS AND HOLD NO QUARREL WITH YOU. YOU MAY ENTER INTO HEAVEN AS MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT!” Jesus’ voice caused the walls to tremble to their core. Off in the distance the opening to the other cavern collapsed.

“WE WILL NOT FOLLOW HIM! WE WILL NOT BE A SERVANT!” The largest wraith’s mouth split with a black smile as the chaos of hell sang the refrain.

“Dear God forgive me, I have said the wrong things. Leave me hear to rot. It is what I deserve,” Cried Dismas.

“Nonsense. You spoke the truth. Nothing more. Their sins are on them. You will march with me now. Let all the column see you so they may have courage in this final push.” Then Jesus tuned toward the large wraith. “Stand aside. You have your kingdom and I have mine. Do not keep me from it.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” the words fell from the wraith’s mouth like poisoned honey. He grabbed Gestas and strode off the path into his adoring fans in the filth. They cheered him.

Jesus walked on. No one off the path paid him any attention anymore. Everyone was back to the dull decay of their internal tortures. Dismas even saw Gestas trying to steal a pile of dung from someone.

They walked until they reached the opening that led to the darkness. Only there was light all the way down the tunnel. Dismas turned to yell at the hell’s denizens with one more plea but Jesus stopped him.

“They can’t see it.”

“But if they could it would make all the difference.”

“If they could see it, they would be here not out there. They have already made their choice. I will not force them. Come… only a tiny bit farther.”

There was still noting here, but it was a bright nothingness. This time Dismas felt like he was floating instead in a constant free fall. Ahead he could hear terrified shrieks of something as well as the laughter of children. He started to run but the gentle hand of Jesus restrained him.

“Fear not?” Quipped Dismas.

Jesus and the front ranks of the column burst into tearful laughter. “Yes my friend, fear not.”

The sight they came upon after short time was one of blissful chaos. Children, an enumerable ocean of them, were running all other the place. They were pulling at wraiths and chasing them like they were elderly cats. The wraiths tried to keep away, but the children would crawl up on one another like ants and snag the wraiths from mid air. Waves of small bodies building into breakers that lashed up at the spectral nothings.

Dismas looked on in horror and fascination. “That isn’t safe.”

Jesus simply said, “No. It is not. But innocence is the natural enemy of hate. The two dance on the knife’s edge of oblivion. But in this case, the children have little to fear. …Save the party ending. …For now.” He turned to his gaze up and whispered, “Go.”

The wraiths congealed into a single torrent of oily black and swam back toward the cavern. The Children instantly went back to playing with each other without so much as a sigh.

Jesus leaned into Dismas and asked, “Will you accompany me on one last errand?”

“Yes Master,” answered Dismas with a patient smile.

Jesus looked over the assembled mass of humanity and smiled. “Then let us begin.”

A rush of angels swarmed in from nowhere. It seemed there were as many of them as there were people. A trio of huge angels armed with greater weapons than even the Romans had seen came up to Jesus.

Jesus greeted each of the 3 with a long hug and said, “It is time. Close off the pit.”

With no word the 3 angels marched down the tunnel.

“Do you like lamb?” asked Jesus.

Dismas began to answer but realized his entire world has changed. …as had his Master.

Jesus stood before him in only a loin cloth but no longer the frail beaten wisp of a man whose bones spoke of a death most pointless. He was now a great man of substance. Tall, strong, and powerful. Full of a life that matched his smile.

They were in a small rock hewn room scarcely big enough for them. Dismas saw the ledge ground into the stone and realized this was a tomb.

Jesus stretched flexing all his joints and muscles and asked, “You do not understand. Do you?”

“No master. I am late to your teaching. I… I only know very little.”

“What do you know?”

“You are my Master that saved me from hell. Nothing else matters but You.”

“I dare say that is enough. Now, do you like lamb?”


”My mother would make the best lamb. It is funny the way Our Father lets our minds work. Hear I am, scant seconds away from having changed the war forever, and I’m thinking about my mothers cooking.”

Jesus gently folded the burial cloths and laid them on the ledge. “Would you be so kind as to move the stone so I can leave?”

Dismas looked at the huge bolder and was about to protest. Well… a short while ago I was dying on a cross. Now, I in a tomb talking about dinner with Jesus, The Christ. Who am I to say what is possible. ‘Just because it’s hopeless…’. He went to the stone and began to push out and away from him with all his might. Eventually the stone gave way after grousing.

“Well done.” Jesus startled Dismas with his words since he was now right behind the ex thief and was dusting his hands on one another. Jesus had obviously done most, if not all, the work in moving the rock.

There were shouts from outside and people running. When the two emerged into the darkness, no one was there. A small camp had been hastily deserted leaving a few blankets and a single small fire.

“Would you please wait here for someone to come? I have to make a stop before the sun comes up.” Jesus asked as he kicked out the fire.

“Going for Lamb?”

Jesus pitched his head up and laughed so hard it felt like the world was rocking back and forth with every staccato note. “Yes, my friend! Where else would you go when you return from a long trip?”

Dismas’ face fell.

“No. Your home is not here. I have a better home for you. Someplace wonderful.”


“Beyond what you can imagine. But in the mean time, wait here for my fiends and tell them to go to Galilee as I told them. They will know what to do.”

”And then?”

“And then your angel will take you home.” With Jesus’ words came a gentle gust of wind and standing next to Dismas was a beautiful young girl. “Anina here has watched over you from the moment you came to be in your mother’s womb. She will sit with you and take you to be with My Father. …With your Father.”

“And you?”

“My work is not finished. I will be along shortly. But I have to sew up some loose ends. Like the masses in the second cavern, there are some here who need my absolution before they can move on. And I need to be going. I don’t want to get a scolding.

“Take good care of him, Anina. Just as you always have.” And then he was gone.

In the black of night, Anina and Dismas stood in silence. The noises of the night slowly filtered back into their normal cadence.

Dismas broke the uneasy stillness. “So you were with me the whole time?”


“Saw… everything?”


“Even the…?”


“And the…?”

“Oh yes.”


Dismas let the night fill the silence again. …But couldn’t hold out for long.

“I guess I was a bit of a disappointment.”

“NO! Absolutely not! I’m so proud of you.”

“But I…”


“And there was the…”

“Oh I remember.”

“Her husband turned over every stone looking for me.”

“I remember. I was there.”

“SO HOW CAN YOU BE PROUD OF ME!” Dismas demanded.

“Because when it mattered, you said, ‘Yes!’ No! When it mattered, you begged for a chance to say, ‘Yes.’ You have no Idea how many people now in hell went through their whole lives supposedly saying, ‘yes,’ only to turn their backs on God when asked to follow Him.”

Dismas remembered the taunts and jeers of Hell. How cold they all felt. How familiar it all felt to him. Someone walked over his grave. Then he laughed. “HAH! Looks like I kept right on thieving up until the very end and have stolen my way into paradise.”

“Something like that. But technicalities count.” Anina hugged him.

The sun wasn’t up yet but sky was a waking glowing dark blue in anticipation of it cresting the horizon. Lighter and lighter it grew until the first lancing rays sortied over the land. Dismas heard sniffles, footsteps, something between arguing and whining coming down the path to the tomb. He, for no real reason other than he thought it appropriate, motioned Anina into the tomb and he followed.

After some tense silence, 3 trembling women peered into the hole.

Dismas smiled and spoke in a fashion that he was unaccustomed to. He spoke with gentle authority and KNEW to his bones what he needed to say. “Do not be scared! You are looking for Jesus, the crucified God, He has raised himself; he is not here. He is among the living, not here among the dead. Now go and tell Peter and the rest that He is going before them to Galilee; there they will see him, as He told you.”

The women stared at him for a moment. Dismas smiled back. They ran in a tangled mass of legs, arms, and oaths.

“Done and done. Are you ready Dismas?” Anina asked breathlessly.

“I… Yes. I am.”

“Then take my hand and get ready to be yourself forever.”

“That may be the scariest thing anyone has ever said to me.”

Anina bear hugged him and whispered in his ear. “4 days ago it would have scared me too, but today, I’m more excited than I’ve been since I saw my first star.”

With that, the tomb was empty. A short time later it was investigated by men and more men. Then by officials. Then by faithful and gawkers alike. Likewise was the site of the crucifixion. Men preached and men scorned. Others sought enlightenment, while many looked for easy answers. And too late, Hell’s fury lashed out at man and God from that day forward with pointless abandon.

Few stopped to marvel, even until the end of time, at the two greatest acts of robbery that took place at those sites. God had stolen humanity from death’s claw and a single man stole hope for all mankind. Both treasures repatriated to their rightful kingdom waiting for all who searched for them.

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April 4, 2010 at 6:32 pm

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